6 Tips for Making Your Email Marketing Stand Out

Email continues to be the most inexpensive and efficient method for most real estate agents to share information to their clients.  Here are some helpful tips:

1. BUILD YOUR LIST, DON’T BUY IT – Even though the price may be inexpensive to purchase tens of thousands of email addresses, there’s always a risk of being marked as a spammer.  Give your subscribers an easy way to opt out of your email list.

2. MAKE IT MORE THAN A SALES PITCH – Email campaigns that only hawk listings are doomed to the trash folder. Instead, use email to provide valuable insights and guidance that further the reader’s understanding and appreciation of your service. Have something to say, don’t just add to the clutter.

3. KEEP IT SHORT AND SIMPLE – An email marketing effort wrapped in a newsletter can be overwhelming.  Keep your email succinct, and provide teasers of your listings, instead of talking about each individual detail of a listing, you might just want to highlight the best features of it. It will encourage your clients to give you a call.

4. LINK TO YOUR WEBSITES, BLOGS, AND SOCIAL NETWORKING – Encourage your clients to visit your website, blogs, and “like” your social networking pages, it’s a great way to link all your internet presence together.

5. BUILD MOMENTUM – Email campaigns work best when they build on prior material, creating a complete picture of what you do. Offer free market reports, neighborhood reports, consultation services, etc. to help engage your clients.

6. SOLICIT FEEDBACK – Email marketing is a great opportunity to connect with customers. Encouraging them suggest ways to improve your website, or asking them questions or opinions will help to reaffirm and solidify your relationships with your past, present and future clients.

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